Turn Europass CVs into Excel® spreadsheets!

Download sample files.

What is this?

Europass2Spreadsheet is a free online tool that allows you to easily convert Europass CVs to Excel® spreadsheets, using only your email.

How does it work?

Just send an email to , attaching one or more Europass CVs. In a couple of minutes, you will receive a reply with an Excel® file attached.

Behind the scenes, Europass2Spreadsheet processes your attachments and populates the Excel® file with any CV data that could be extracted, formatting them in a way that aids comparison. Download the .zip at the top of this page to see an example Excel® file, along with the Europass documents that were used for creating it.

Note that the subject and the body of your email do not affect the tool in any way, so you can leave them completely empty, unless you want to fill them in for your own purposes (easier email searching, etc.).

What type of Europass documents are supported?

For the time being, only the new Europass Curriculum Vitae format is supported (i.e. "version 3.0" or later, launched in December 2012).

Other Europass documents such as the European Skills Passport (ESP), the Language Passport (LP) and the Cover Letter (CL) can also be sent, but in that case only information that is common with the CV (e.g. name and address) will be extracted and inserted in the Excel®, everything else will be ignored.

Please also note that as is the case with the Europass online editor, only the Europass XML / PDF+XML file formats can be processed. Information cannot be extracted at all from Europass documents in the Microsoft® Word or OpenDocument formats.

Is my data safe?


Europass2Spreadsheet itself does not store any data whatsoever. It’s worth mentioning though that it uses the following 3rd party services:

You may also consult our more formal Privacy Policy here: